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Diary Dates

Quiet Day 8/1/19 10.30am Waddington St Chapel Deanery Leaders & Trustees
Retreat       TBC
IMPC 8/5/19 2.00pm Durham Cathedral  
Finance Committee 20/5/19 10.30am Bournmoor Account Holders & Trustees
Festival Service 3/6/19 2.00pm Durham Cathedral Everyone
Spring Council 18/6/19 10.30am Waddington St Chapel Committee Reps
Trustees 24/6/19 10.30am Bournmoor Trustees
Deanery Leaders Lunch 8/7/19   Bournmoor Trustees & Deanery Leaders
Mary Sumner Day 9/8/19 2.00pm St Nicholas Everyone
Retreat       TBC
Annual Meeting       TBC
All Committees 24/9/19 10.30am Waddington St Chapel  
Diocesan Council 5/11/19 10.30am -2.30pm Waddington St Chapel Everyone


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