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6:30 PM, Oct 18 2018

Its that time of year again where we venture forth to the Annual Conference. After a long long journey and a very early start we arrived at our hotel, and much to our concern discovered it was over an hour’s journey to Swansea, for both the service of celebration and the actual conference. However apart from that the hotel was very good and we were delighted with our accommodation and service at the hotel.

Monday began with a visit to the royal mint [see photo] we were sitting on a million pounds of £ coins. We continued to Swansea for our celebration service at the collegiate and parish church of St Mary Swansea. The service [one of two] we attended was in the afternoon so unfortunately did not have time to return to the hotel to change. The service was especially moving and the choir was excellent [as expected of Wales]. The theme of the Archbishop of Wales address was succinct and really relevant to Mothers' Union, especially his reference of MULOA using it to back his theme of attentiveness and acting not just hearing but doing as well. Reminds me of the letter of James 1 vv 17 to the end

We were too far away to attend the evening musical concert but everyone who did attend said it was a wonderful experience

The conference itself was, as expected at the end of the second triennial, tended to be a little repetitive. It began with Lynn giving a resume of her travels and work during the last 6 years. Lynn visited all provinces in Great Britain and Ireland during this time [she came to our Deanery Leaders lunch ] 

Bev then gave an over view of MULOA. citing that it had an influence on membership in Argentina and Panama.Let us hope we can have a similar effect when our MULOA programme is really up and running.

A new cartoon film and a film promoting Mothers' Union was unveiled. It may be purchased [see the Janices] really good. Is it something you would like the diocese to buy and you could borrow?  Let us know.

Leslie mentioned doing the marathon for MU [Leslie came to our Deanery Leaders lunch] with her father whom she cares for and lives in Durham Diocese.

Delegates from Tanzania, and Uganda, and Provincial Conference sent their greetings. Would have been good if we could have heard from them, about their countries and the work they do. As we were informed we could meet them at lunch [however lunch time curtailed]. This could have been due to the welcome of the Lord Mayor of Swansea [lasted approx 30 min, instead of 5]

The afternoon session was very interesting, it was about connecting and sharing. A tree of prayer was created by each delegate writing a prayer on a leaf shaped paper, Finished by…  ‘may the Mothers' Union continue to grow in faith, hope and love  and bring theses blessings to the whole world.’ The tree was blessed by Bishop Andrew.

We were then treat to a ‘This Is Your Life for Lynn’.   Quite repetitive of mornings session, however, did see a photo of Lynn   who had been introduced as ‘ the mother of the world’ dancing with Archbishop Justin. Very amusing

Final comment was Worldwide President had to see the big picture. But at the same time had to keep the individual needs of each member near to their hearts

Next year        Portsmouth Guild Hall 16th - 17th September 2019

Theme for the year is     listen/observe/ act in step with God

God has not finished with us and means Mother’ Union must continue the fight

Why not try to come with us next year especially if you have not venturered to conference before,    you will meet up with like-minded people and make friends from all over the country

Hope to see you next year as it was really good if a little tirering.                    

Yours in faith     

Ann P Harrison  

Faith & Policy unit co-ordinator .

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