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6:37 PM, Oct 18 2018

Some of you may have heard about a relatively new project. Actually, it is an extension of our Prison work. Last year I received a telephone call from a NEPACS worker asking if we could provide items for mothers and new born babies. Trustees agreed to the purchase of the things asked for.

24 Nappies                                      3 dummies                                   3 feeding bottles

3 vests                                              3 sleepsuits                                  3 hats

20  Sanitary pads                            20 breast pads                             Baby wipes

3 pairs mittens                                Blanket/ snuggle robe

I use blankets and hats made by our members.

While babies are born in hospital they are unable to stay with their mothers in Low Newton.

I can’t pretend there is a lighter side to this but my following anecdote may raise a wry smile.

While shopping in Tesco for bottles (  I shop around for the best value items), I took the last pack of three from the shelf. I asked if there were any more available in the stockroom. Well ….. the assistant went to seek the manager, who in turn went to seek the key holder of the -------------- wait for it “the medicine stockroom” because baby bottles and dummies are classed as medicines! Oh! Yes, the key holder was on a break so could I wait? Obviously I did and proceeded to buy several items for myself which I didn’t really need. 

 All was not lost, as I wandered aimlessly around the store (probably looking like a non trustworthy loiterer), another manager came to speak to me. A conversation ensued, picture it I have a trolley full of the above items, the manager politely asked me if I was having multiple births , “No” I answer,  oh, is it for a baby shower is the next question “No “ I say again. There was the inevitable pause when I felt I was about to be hauled away to answer questions, I cautiously explained what I was doing – immediately she offered me £20.00 to use on further purchases. Mind you I had to return another day in order to pick it up. Smiles all round.

As I’ve said before, the people we help will never know us but we know that by our collective generosity we hold mother and baby in the palm of our hands for a few days; we allow NEPACS to give our packs to mums who have no means to get the things they need. In short we share God’s generosity to us to those in need.

                 Hope this gives you a warm glow and “thank you” for making it possible.

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